This first clip is played by Jeremy Bingamin on one of my more recent Rudall model flutes. These are two tunes he wrote himself titled "The Girl Who Caught her Tail" and "All Four Paws". 

The Girl Who Caught Her Tail All Four Paws.wav

This video of my keyless Blackwood and silver Rudall is played by Blaine Chastain at the Irish Flute Store. He may occasionally have one of my flutes for sale. He also composed this tune. Check him out!

These tracks were played by Will Woodson (Portland, MA) on an African Blackwood 6-key Rudall, one of my earlier versions, recorded in my kitchen (less then ideal recording conditions). Will plays in the Sligo style, which brings out some qualities I target in my flute design, namely the responsiveness, but also the quality of ornamentation and strength of the bottom D. Will is also an Uilleann pipe maker and performer on both flute and pipes. You can learn more about Will here:


Here's the same flute as above, played by Kevin Crawford – African Blackwood and silver 6-key, played at an outdoor breezeway session space during Celtic Week at Warren Wilson College's Swannanoa Gathering.


Here are a couple clips of an Eb model, one of the earlier prototypes, played by Nuala Kennedy. There have been some improvements to the Eb design, and I will update these recordings as soon as suitable audio becomes available. 

Nuala is a superb musician. If you want to hear more, visit her website at:


Just a note- this page is a work in progress. I hope you will check back again soon.