Jay Ham Wooden Flutes

Simple system flutes for Irish traditional music

Here you will find very high quality, simple system flutes for Irish traditional music, tuned to modern pitch, with excellent intonation, power, tone, and responsiveness. The designs are my own, inspired by the originals. These flutes are made entirely by hand from raw materials, using centuries old, proven techniques. I make 3 models in D, as well as models in Bb and Eb.

 "I think Jay’s flutes have something that can sometimes get lost in modern flute making. They play like the best antiques I’ve played, with all the richness and color of tone those instruments have.”  

-Will Woodson, Irish musician & Uilleann pipes maker

"Jay's workmanship is top of the top and his attention to detail doesn't go unnoticed." 

-Blayne Chastain, Irish Flute Store